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Lindsay Lampe

Lindsay Lampe

Account Executive

Lindsay earned her bachelor degree from the University of Missouri—St. Louis in 2003. Prior to joining the team at Wealth Planning Solutions, Lindsay worked with a fortune 100 insurance company in sales. She quickly realized that she was limited in her position and unable to take an approach that was truly client-focused. She began exploring her options and is very pleased to be at Wealth Planning Solutions where she can tailor services and strategies to be completely centered on each client’s needs.

“This profession chose me. I am passionate about protecting those who are nearing or are already in retirement. Combine that with my passion to educate and empower the aging population, insurance, medicare, and long-term care were a natural fit.” — Lindsay Lampe, Account Executive and Retirement Educator

Lindsay takes a person-centered approach and focuses on educating and empowering clients throughout the entire process, start to finish. She is passionate about helping people ensure they won’t outlive their money and making the system work for them. Lindsay also presents her clients with the Medicare options available and decodes each one to help them choose the best option for their situation.

When Lindsay is not working, she loves her family time. She enjoys taking her children out for fun activities, outdoor adventures, and sporting events.

Lindsay treats each client as she would treat her own family. Her passion to protect the older generation began when she saw her own grandfather manipulated and taken advantage of because he was unaware of his options and did not have the proper help. She aims to prevent this from ever happening to any of her clients.